Fun and Games With Corn Starch

Corn starch is a great substance to have around the house. It has many uses, many of which have to do with cleaning. There are some great fun things to do with it, though, especially if you have kids.

On a rainy day, few things are more annoying than a bored kid. What are you going to do to relieve that boredom? Well, if your child likes art, you could get out the corn starch and a little food coloring.

First, get a pot and fill it with two cups of cold water and a quarter of a cup of corn starch. Then, heat the water until the mixture thickens up. Pour it out into various containers and mix in some food coloring for instant finger paint. Just make sure that it’s cool enough for your kids to use safely, first!

Are you planning a birthday party? Well, another fun thing you can do with corn starch is make your own clown makeup. You’ll need two parts of the substance to one part of shortening. Generally, about 2/1 tablespoons works well. You’ll also need food coloring to create whatever color combinations that you want.

At that same party, you might have a bag of marshmallows. Well, marshmallows can be sticky. If you can’t get them to separate, just add about a teaspoon of corn starch and shake them up. It is great at absorbing moisture and they should all separate easily. Then, you and your party guests can enjoy them.